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From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Dec 23 11:18:06 2000

Fellow compu-folks,

        While I appreciate the advice given so far, NONE of it has addressed my
original question. Let me clarify a couple of things.

        1). I already have a perfectly good hardware firewall/router in the form
of a Zyxel Prestige 312. I do NOT need to dedicate any other system to this

        2). My ORIGINAL question: Given the list of machines I posted earlier,
which system would be best suited to which function?

        Here are my current thoughts on this.

        Mail servers: Both SPARCClassics or a Classic and that accelerated IPX I

        (Future) Web server: The NEC RISCStation 2200. Plenty of headroom to grow

        The FTP/News box: One of the MicroVAX 3's. Lots of space up front for
large-capacity hard drives.

        The maintenance node: That Motorola MVME147 tower.

        Ok? Any counterpoints? Thanks much.

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