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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Dec 23 12:41:02 2000

> 2). My ORIGINAL question: Given the list of machines I posted
>>earlier, which system would be best suited to which function?
> Here are my current thoughts on this.
> Mail servers: Both SPARCClassics or a Classic and that accelerated
>>IPX I have.
> (Future) Web server: The NEC RISCStation 2200. Plenty of headroom
>to >grow there.
> The FTP/News box: One of the MicroVAX 3's. Lots of space up front
>>for large-capacity hard drives.
> The maintenance node: That Motorola MVME147 tower.
> Ok? Any counterpoints? Thanks much.

I don't think I'd go with the MicroVAX 3 for FTP/News, in fact I don't
think I'd use it for anything other than the 'maintenance node'. It
strikes me that using it will result in I/O bottlenecks, isn't the Q-Bus
rated at 3Mb/sec? Plus I would think that News is somewhat CPU intensive
(actually I've no idea on this one, but it seems logical, anyone know?).
I'd be almost inclined to use the DEC 3000/600 for this one, but a good
Sparc would probably be as suited. If you're set on using a VAX for this,
the VAXstation 3100/M38 is probably a better choice. The DEC 5000/200 is
also a possibility.

I don't feel qualified to commend on your choice of Webserver, or the
Motorolla MVME147 tower, as I'm not familiar with either.

BTW, why on earth are you set on using classic hardware? It seems to me
that two beafy semi-modern systems could handle everything and be cheaper
to power.


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