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From: Mark <mark_k_at_iname.com>
Date: Sun Dec 24 07:04:01 2000


Are the file areas or forums of any of the old online services still
accessible? I'm thinking of Compuserve, BIX, AOL and any others.

They probably (used to) contain many files which would be useful for older
computers, but which are not available on the internet.

A brief visit to the Compuserve web site didn't turn up anything interesting.
Have all the old file areas/forums been deleted? Is it still possible to
access any of the online services using a text-based interface?

This question arose from reading the document at

That contains info on old Hitachi CD-ROM drives, including ones which use a
proprietary interface. [Related to this, the most recent MS-DOS drivers for
old Hitachi CD-ROM drives are available from Hitachi's USA BBS but not their
web site. I uploaded the file to http://home.clara.net/markk/Hitachi/8bit.zip]

Anyway, part of the HIHELP.TXT file reads:
  Filename: HIHELP.TXT
  Written Feb 93 REVISED 01Jan94 10Aug94

  For CIS distribution only - Permission required for publication elsewhere.

So this file was originally available on Compuserve. Is it still there?

-- Mark
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