What can I do with one HP 9000-380 ?

From: Jarkko Hermanni Teppo <jate_at_uwasa.fi>
Date: Wed Dec 27 02:30:02 2000

On Mon, Dec 25, 2000 at 08:04:17PM +0100, SP wrote:
> Hello. I'm adquired recently one HP-9000 380 workstation. I'm
> pending to receive it. I'd like to know some details about this
> machine, or even an URL where I could get some info.
> The workstation appears to be not used in anytime.

HP 9000/380 is a very nice machine (and just fits the 10-year rule).
It has a Motorola 68040 at 25MHz and up to 128MB memory with proprietary
memory modules. It features HIL, RS-232 on a "PC"-type 9-pin serial port,
built-in SCSI and (slow)HP-IB + ethernet (AUI + 10base2) and a centronics port.

The cpu board is roughly the size of a standard sheet of A4 paper and plugs
into a DIO-II backplane. Normally the cabinets had 4/5 DIO-II slots (which
can be converted to DIO-I) with one or more slots holding the framebuffer(s).
It was possible to add an extender giving you more slots to play with.

Here's a picture of a 380 + DIO-I expander:


>From top to bottom: SCSI, two fast HP-IBs, dcm four-port mux, cpu board,
empty, 98548 framebuffer.

A 380 can be upgraded to a 385 by changing the 50 MHz crystal to a 66MHz part.

My 380 is attached to five SCSI disk drives + exabyte tape + DAT + QIC +
9144 HCD tape + 9145 HCD tape + 7979A 9-track + 7974A 9-track + 35401
tape robot + some HP-IB drives (7933 etc). A very well balanced system:)
and infinetely expandable too. I have gobs of old hp300 systems and I'm just
trying to fix an old 9000/345 at the moment.
For the OS you can either try to get HP-UX 9.10 or get NetBSD


and if I have to recommend either I'd suggest you get NetBSD as it's
better in some respects.

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