Somewhat OT: A milestone

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Dec 27 03:32:36 2000

        Fellow CLASSICCMP'ers, I have reached a milestone. This message originates
from my first qmail server ever based on a SPARCstation LX. I must say I
would have been completely lost, configuration-wise, had it not been for
the qmail setup how-to at the flounder site.

        Thanks are also due to Chuck McManis for providing some sanity checks, and
especially for taking a few minutes out of Christmas day to field a
somewhat frantic phone call from my end.

        I would also add that I was almost hopelessly lost with Sendmail, even
after reading parts of the O'Reilly book on it. qmail was much easier to
deal with, and I would not hesitate to suggest it to anyone putting up a
Unix mailserver.

        Keep the peace(es).

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