Cloning IDE drives

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 06:53:56 2000

  The subject (I think) is on topic, the hardware to which I'm refering is
a little too new for us, but I'm gonna ask anyway.

  I have a Pentium I wintel box which I've had for nearly five years.
It's 1.9 GB HD has been slowly developing bearing whine for the last
several months. It is getting noticibly louder now and I'm sure this
faithful old HD is nearing the end of it's earthly sojourn.

  My fantasy is that I can buy another IDE drive (of somewhat larger
capacity) and just somehow copy the whole thing on the original down to
the new one, without having to go thru the backup/restore/re-auth all the
programs I've got on it. I have 8mm streaming tape backups of the system,
but that's a pain.

  I'm living in southern India so 'just pop in to Fry's and get a package
like DriveCopy III' is not an option. :)

  Any advice/how-to/magic formulae?

 Cheers and Happy NuYeer

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