Cloning IDE drives

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 08:16:49 2000

> The subject (I think) is on topic, the hardware to which I'm refering is
> a little too new for us, but I'm gonna ask anyway.
> I have a Pentium I wintel box which I've had for nearly five years.
> It's 1.9 GB HD has been slowly developing bearing whine for the last
> several months. It is getting noticibly louder now and I'm sure this
> faithful old HD is nearing the end of it's earthly sojourn.
> My fantasy is that I can buy another IDE drive (of somewhat larger
> capacity) and just somehow copy the whole thing on the original down to
> the new one, without having to go thru the backup/restore/re-auth all the
> programs I've got on it. I have 8mm streaming tape backups of the system,
> but that's a pain.
> I'm living in southern India so 'just pop in to Fry's and get a package
> like DriveCopy III' is not an option. :)
> Any advice/how-to/magic formulae?
> Cheers and Happy NuYeer
> John

Norton Ghost and DriveCopy are both sold and delivered electronically
over the internet.

I know, because I bought Partition Magic's upgrade to v5 electronically.

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