From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 15:32:09 2000

At 04:04 PM 12/28/00 -0800, Lawrence Walker wrote:
>However I have no info on whether it would be possible to add a
>SCSI card to an IBM-PC. I have an Adaptec 1522A ISA SCSI card
>and likely others in my card box. Was there a SCSI card for the
>PC ?

Yes, SCSI was available for PCs. Your question seems so simple,
I can't help but think I'm missing something. Exactly what
kind of PC do you want to have SCSI? If you have a card,
what you need is appropriate software - for the machine, OS,
and peripherals you expect to run. The Adaptec 1542 is one
of the earlier ISA SCSI cards with the best software support.

- John
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