From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 15:37:10 2000

> I recently picked up a Fujitsu M2266SA HDD. This is a 1M SCSI
> 5 1/2 " drive with a black bezel like the IBM-PC MFM drives and
> will fit in the same space. The vendor said it was SCSI-1 but
> TheRef says it is SCSI-2 and Fujitsu doesn't say.
> I have a heavily modified PC(5150) with an Intel 386 Onboard card
> as Allison has on her Leading Edge 8086 (BTW, I have a lead
> >ajp < to someone that has the mem-expander daughter card)
> However I have no info on whether it would be possible to add a
> SCSI card to an IBM-PC. I have an Adaptec 1522A ISA SCSI card
> and likely others in my card box. Was there a SCSI card for the
> PC ? If so, would this possibly, with this configuration, allow you to
> transcend the 5-slot limits of the PC. And of course to have 1 meg
> storage for programs. WHEEEEE!!!
> Am I in fantasy-land or could I have a system to confound the
> leading-edgers, altho it already does that. "NO IT ISN'T POSSIBLE
> ON SUCH AN EARLY COMPUTER" . He he he he, chortle.
> ciao larry
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It's doable, I think...depending upon your availale slots and such.

There were cards from Trantor and Future Domain for SCSI on 8-bit
PC slots... -- under controller cards.

  ISA 8BIT SCSI-2 H/D ONLY+ $5.00
 Item #: TMC850 Manufacturer: FUTURE DOMAIN
 Item #: TMC850MER Manufacturer: FUTURE DOMAIN
 Item #: RT1000B-2 Manufacturer: RANCHO TECHNOLOGIES

The main trick will be finding SCSI drivers for these babies if you
want to use anything beyond bios access on 'em.


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