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From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Thu Dec 28 20:33:25 2000

At 13:02 24-12-2000 -0500, Neil C. wrote:

>OK this tells me that MyRouter is acting as a bridge (at layer 3 they're
>the same network). Can MyRouter act as firewall and be a bridge?

        <shrug> I've not delved heavily into the OSI layer model. As far as the
features go, the P312 has been released for production so you can look for
yourself at:


>Because I've done a good job of confusing myself let me ask a really dumb
>question. Do you have this working now?

        Yes! It's been working just fine for over three months. I was in the Beta
program for the P312 prior to its public release. I chose it specifically
because of its extensive NAT capabilities.

        In fact, as evidenced by this (and earlier) posts, I brought our mail
server online this past week. It's 1-1 NATted through the Zyxel as well.
The server itself carries a reserved 192.168.x.x address, and that's mapped
1-1 to the outside world with a 63.226.233.x address out of my assigned group.

>this shouldn't work. My background in computers tells me that there is a
>way to make this work but requires inventiveness on the part of MyRouter.

        Then I'd say we've got some -really- smart engineers at Zyxel. ;-)

>I have no trouble with everything connected to the hub.

        Actually, the 'hub' is a smart 10/100 switch.

        Happy cogitating.

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