Cloning IDE drives

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 20:48:37 2000

Here are some (OT) disturbing developments in the (OT) field of IDE

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Mike Ford wrote:

> > My fantasy is that I can buy another IDE drive (of somewhat larger
> >capacity) and just somehow copy the whole thing on the original down to
> >the new one, without having to go thru the backup/restore/re-auth all the
> >programs I've got on it. I have 8mm streaming tape backups of the system,
> When I bought a new motherboard last year it came with a Norton CD called
> Ghost, which I have heard very good things about and does just what you
> want. I don't know how large the program is, or how fussy it might be to
> snag off the CD and email, but suspect a "way" is possible. Most likely it
> is best if this is done off the list via direct email otherwise you might
> get 7 copies emailed to you.

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