PDP-11/23 Cpu

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Thu Dec 28 23:21:59 2000

From: SP <SPEDRAJA_at_mail.ono.es>

>Hello to all. I'd like to know what kind of expansion or options
>could be attached to this machines:
>* KDF11-B 5014313C M8189/DIGITAL
>* Q-BusMosMemory 5014500C M8067/DIGITAL
>* DQ614S153040 Rev F/DILOG
>* System Interface 11/03/ESI
>* 808836-05 Rev K/Datasystems Design

>By the moment I have no disk for it (maybe in a future). I'd like
>to know if could be possible to put some class of disk or
>diskette unit, even tape, eventually different of DEC stuff.

DEC RX50 using RQDX2 or RQDX3 card will get yo floppy
and mfm hard disk, That DIlog or the DSD card may support
disks as well.

PDP-11/23B is basic machine you have and that is Q-bus so finding
cards for it should be easy as the Microvax-II and later also used
the same bus. It was quite popular.

Check PUPS PDP-11 unix preservation socity for software.


>I suppose than this could be possible by some SCSI card,
>but my experience with this is limited to the use of
>emulators like Bob Supnik's or E-11.
>Thanks for all. Best Regards.
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