PDP-11/23 Cpu

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Date: Thu Dec 28 23:55:46 2000

> >Hello to all. I'd like to know what kind of expansion or options
> >could be attached to this machines:
> >
> >PDP-11/23
> >----------
> >
> >* KDF11-B 5014313C M8189/DIGITAL
> >* Q-BusMosMemory 5014500C M8067/DIGITAL
> >* DQ614S153040 Rev F/DILOG
> >* System Interface 11/03/ESI
> >* 808836-05 Rev K/Datasystems Design
> >By the moment I have no disk for it (maybe in a future). I'd like
> >to know if could be possible to put some class of disk or
> >diskette unit, even tape, eventually different of DEC stuff.
> DEC RX50 using RQDX2 or RQDX3 card will get yo floppy
> and mfm hard disk, That DIlog or the DSD card may support
> disks as well.

>From Megan's version of the field guide:
DQ614 Q Dilog ST-506/412 emulation of four RL01/02


IIRC, these cards can't be used unless you've got the software required to
get the drive setup.

One important fact is this is actually a PDP-11/23+ not a /23, so you've got
a pretty good system. One question would be is that memory a M8067-FA, -KA,
or -LA? That tells if you've 128Kbyte, 256Kbyte, or 512Kbyte of RAM. The
other question would be what kind of chassis is this in?

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