Cloning IDE drives

From: Wouter de Waal <>
Date: Fri Dec 29 06:22:52 2000

Hi all

>From: John Lawson <>
> I have a Pentium I wintel box which I've had for nearly five years.
>It's 1.9 GB HD has been slowly developing bearing whine for the last
>several months. It is getting noticibly louder now and I'm sure this
>faithful old HD is nearing the end of it's earthly sojourn.
>to move the data.

I just did this to a Windoze 95 box. Firstly, I put in the new hard drive
and installed Windoze on it. Meanwhile, I stuck the old drive in a Linux
box and made a big tarball. Then, I restored the tarball on to the
new hard drive.

Reasoning: the tarball gets all the files, except the bootfiles, and those
get sorted out by the new install.

Won't work (yet) for NTFS, tho.

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