VT78 - lots of questions

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Dec 30 09:58:14 2000

On Dec 30, 10:18, Jerome Fine wrote:

> I have followed this thread, but I am still not sure what a VT78 does.
> Is it similar to a VT103 for a PDP-11?

Well, "yes" and "no". It's basically a VT52 with extras which make it a
sort of PDP-8, in the same sense that a VT103 is a VT100 with extras that
make it a sort of PDP-11. However, there's no backplane, so you can't
change the mix of boards (to use a different CPU, SLU, disk controller,
etc); the layout is fixed and based around a Harris 6100 chip (roughly a
PDP-8E on a chip, with some restrictions -- but I'm not a PDP-8 expert).
 It uses RX01 or RX02 floppies in a separate cabinet and runs OS/278 which
is a modified version of OS/8 version 3 (I think?). I believe it's capable
of running some other PDP-8 OS's too -- but I'm getting beyond my knowledge
about there.

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