stuff available in STL, Heath & TRS-80

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 11:10:47 2000

At 05:34 PM 12/29/00 -0600, you wrote:
>While browsing through my usual electronics surplus haunts today in St.
>Louis, I came across the following items for sale in a local shop. I have no
>interest in them, but thought someone here might? If so, email me off-list.
>Heath Computer Systems model H-101-20. This system looks vaguely like an
>HP85 case, but no internal monitor. Might be pre-PC, but could be an x86 dos
>system too - I have no idea.

   This is essentually a Z-100 but without the built-in monitor. I THINK
they had a composite video output. It runs CPM or a non-IBM version of
MS-DOS. The H-xxx models are the same as the Z-xxx models except the were
sold by Heathkit and were kits and the Zenith Z-xxx models were
pre-assembled. If no one else wants the H-101, I wouldn't mind having it
to add to my Z-100 collection.

>Radio Shack DWP-210 printer. Has a manual with it.
>Neither of these items had a price tag on them yet, but from past experience
>I'd say this store would likely be tagging it around $40 for the puter and
>$15 for the printer - I'm just guessing here. Don't know if either item
>works, but I wouldn't mind going back and testing if someone can tell me
>what to test on them.

   There are some test functions built into ROM on the Z-100 so you can
test memory and do a few other things without disks IF you can connect a
monitor. Let me know if you need details.

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