Software for Northstar Advantage 8/16?

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 14:30:10 2000

From: Joe <>

>take a soft-sectored disks and add more holes to it and see if it would
>work? I don't know how critical the spacing would be.

You would have to make an indexing punch, accurate to about 1-2% would
be adaquate. The media is otherwise standard 360k DD.

An alternate approach is to create a logic element that is synched to the
index hole and provides 10 false index marks that corospond to the
sector holes. A better drive like teac fd55A or B would work fine as
their speed is likely more stable than the old SA400s.

Years ago I did something similar to the NS* MDS-A controller to fake it
so the indexhole (present in both hard and soft media) was the start and
Index sync logic would free run on finding the index hole. Mostly worked
though I didn't try to hard to go further.

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