Memtest86, then HD won't boot.

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Date: Sat Dec 30 09:49:13 2000

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> Subject: Re: Memtest86, then HD won't boot.
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> Looks like simple drive go splort. Maxtor diagnostic shows, reset pass,

Hmm.. Maxtor in your system? Pull that thing out again and
suggest get IBM or Quantum instead. At two pc shops I work
part-time, we still see few older WDs and any fujitsu (we don't sell
these!) also maxtors die all over the map, in warr. and out of
warrenty. Also helps to gain some performance back and cuts down on
noise as well. Maxtor and Fujitsu is not exactly known for
compareable performance in same areas. Quantum (too bad, it's still
good on current hds but future is "?" and Q's disk unit group is
owned by maxtor and IBM rare as hen's teeth for deaths.

No sound, install sound chip drivers off the 'net instead of reaching
for full restore.

Oh yeah, saw working BMI "clone bigfoot style" once!


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