VT78 - lots of questions

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Dec 30 15:15:01 2000

>Correct, effectively decmate-I the VT52based version was the first
>and second was VT100 based then decmate-II/III.

        I'm not sure about the DECmate III, but I know the II shares
a few parts with the VT220 terminals. It also shares it's case with
the Rainbow. Unfortunately, the II doesn't seem to have the built-in
terminal emulation of the earlier machines.

>The 6120 chip also had this and improve it a little but they were
>actually the
>end of the PDP-8 family line!

        The DECmate II is an interesting beast, but unfortunately it
shares the hardware incompatabilities of the original DECmate, though
it 'improves' on them. I have a II that is pretty loaded, with the
APU, color, and hard disk options. One of these days I'll get it
working again. It sounds like from a software compatability point
that the VT78 might be the better choice for a micro able to run
standard PDP-8 stuff.

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