BSD, TCP/IP, routing help needed

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Date: Sun Dec 31 10:16:11 2000

>From the other messgages you can guess this has to do with PPP and my
Atari ST.

The Atari is running MiNT which is a BSD variant. The machine has no MMU
so no virtual memory and has no mathco, just the ol' 68000.

I've got it dialing in via PPPD to my PC running Warp and a PPP server.
No problems, can ping outside the intranet, name services, local servers
like ftpd etcetera all work:

on the pc:

Eth0 - - connected to cable modem

Eth1 - - Default router for intranet (NAT IP spoofing).

Modem - PPP Server

On the Atari st:

PPP connection to PC (fixed ip of gets me internet access
just as expected BUT I can't ping or otherwise access machines on my
network other than the router (eth1) and (eth0). Why? It is acting as
though I am on a different network on the far side of the router. The St's
default router when connected is works too and
the problem is unchanged.




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