Friden help

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 01:49:16 2000

> Does anyone on the list have any experience with Friden Automatic
> Calculators? I have been fooling around with one, and it mostly works, but
> every few minutes locks up. I am not sure what is causing a problem, as
> the machine is quite complex. It only locks up when calculating. I am sure
> it needs a lube job, but at this point all I have done is bathe the whole
> thing in WD40. When things are going well, I will give it a real lube job.

I doubt WD40 is the best thing for the job. There are other chemicals that
are designed to clean metal.

There is a mailing list about old calculators called CALCLIST. I can get
you the relevant addresses. (I think I need to resubscribe too.) The
people there can give you an amazing amount of expert advice.

-- Derek
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