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From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 12:12:18 2000

> > At 80+ you still get to go home. It gets hard when 130+ is required for
> > more than a few weeks in a row. My personal record is 152 work hours
> When sleep is reduced, then it can have a negative impact on one's
> health - talke a look, there's plenty of evidence out there in the
> psychophysiological damage that this can cause.

If course it has a negative impact, both physically and psychologically.
The question is, which has the greatest impact a couple weeks lack of sleep
or failure of a major project. (Of course I'm talking management side.
Even here, the staff engineers work a 40 hour week in general. For the
scientist, it's the culmination of 3-10 years of work.)

> (e.g. the droves of H/J visa employees being hired by
> U.S. employers to replace U.S. citizens who won't work long hours for
> peanuts). Perhaps we need to tar and feather a few politicians; can't
> think of a much better solution at the moment.

The bulk of politicians seem unaware and take the claims of the high tech
industry leaders at face value. If you haven't called your congress critters
with your concerns, you should. If course, here in CA, your congress critters
won't listen to a constituent without a briefcase full of unmarked bills.
People in small states have more clout.

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