Reviving a MicroVAX II

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 17:31:11 2000

It looks to me like the controller is going to be the more difficult to
locate. I have a box of old unknown boards, some are DEC, I'll
have to sort through and see if I have anything of use (either in my
system or for trading) in there. Does anyone have any good
sources for controllers and/or the drives online? Any suggestions
on average costs?


On 2 Jul 2000, at 7:57, allisonp wrote:
> From: Chuck McManis <>
> >I'd recommend a nice ESDI controller (Dilog 696-20 or RQ11D/E
> >(Webster/Sigma/etc) If you can find a RRD-40 interface (CD-ROM) that
> would
> >be good to since VMS from CD is easier to load than VMS from TK50
> (having
> >done both recently I really recommend CD). If you can find (good
> >luck!)
> a
> >SCSI controller for it then your options are pretty much wide open.
> >BTW
> >lives very nicely on a 500 - 600MB disk with lots of layered
> >products.
> Chuck, a SCSI board with one good drive and a CDrom would be likely a
> better choice depeding on what can be found. I used this combo
> CMD200, RZ56 and toshiba Cdrom.
> Allison

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