Reviving a MicroVAX II

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 21:46:05 2000

On 2 Jul 2000, at 16:09, Chuck McManis wrote:
> tapes and disks used different protocols (TMSCP vs MSCP). A Viking QTD
> from a DEC Reseller will set you back anywhere from $250 - $800. A
> nicer CMD controller like the one Allison recommended I've seen listed
> for $2000! Contrast that to an ESDI controller that you can usually
> find for $30 - $50.

Wow! Ok, I really want to run VMS but not $2000 enough. Well I
sometimes have some pretty good luck, maybe I'll find one
cheaper. But I'll take what I can get. Getting the box running if the
main goal. Other than that I'm not too concerned about the type of
drives. Thanks for all the info. Now I just have to find some

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