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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 21:49:14 2000

> OK, I was not clear. Yes, WD40 will dissolve grease, and as such could be
> classed as a degreasing solvent.

No, not "could be", it IS. The solvent in it is the degreaser, and the
oil is the repeller.

> But it's not a _good_ degreasing
> solvent, mainly because of all the gunge it leaves behind, which may well
> be a mixture of the heavier oils in the WD40, the old lubricant, etc.
> If I want to clean or degrease something then WD40 is _NOT_ what I'd choose.

I use WD40 because it takes quite a bit to give me a headache, and it
will not explode at the slightest spark. My safety comes first.
> In any case, cleaning/degreasing a mechanism is _NOT_ done by soaking
> said mechanism in a solvent, or by spraying it with solvent, or anything
> like that. It's done by taking it apart, cleaning each part separately,
> and then relubricating. The problem with soaking in solvent is that the
> solvent (not suprisingly) forms a solution with the old oil/grease. This
> solution then coats the mechanism, the solvent evaporates, leaving said
> oild oil/grease in all sorts of places where it's not wanted. Like
> leaving grpahics grease remains on insulators (yes, I have seen the
> result of that). When you degrease each part separately, you dry them off
> after pulling them out of the solvent, of course.

Perhaps if you _remember_ back a little while, I mentioned that I dip stuff
in a stronger solvent (acetone, generally) to get rid of this buildup. It
is very fast acting, so I do not expose myself to it very long. It does
the job, and leaves bare metal for the new grease or oil.

> I've seen enough mechanisms that have been 'treated' with WD40 to know
> that I don't like the results. No matter what the 'theory' might say.

> Surely what's important is not how long they've lasted up until now, but
> how long they carry on running _after_ you've rebuilt them.

You do really take me for some sort of moron, don't you? Even though I
have pointed out in the past that I am aware of how WD40 is to be used,
and how things are to be relubed, you just had to assume the worst and go
for the throat. Thanks a lot, thanks a whole lot.

Maybe now I can see why you complain about not being able to get a job or
why the museums don't seem to want you around. With your "never
wrong" attitude, the reason shines like a beacon in the night.

I must thank the other poster that pointed me towards the Calculator list
- I plan on trying that out. I certainly hope that the people there will
not give me this sort of "help" with my project. If I knew I was going
to run into this crap, I would not have asked in the first place.

Next topic, please...

William Donzelli
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