Reviving a MicroVAX II

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 22:11:38 2000

Ok, I'll have to start searching and see what I can come up with.
BTW, didn't someone say that I couldn't format the RD54s on
here? Or maybe my mind is slipping. What other issue such as
this might I encounter with the different setups?

On 2 Jul 2000, at 19:54, allisonp wrote:
> Ok, SCSI controllers are easy to find just not cheap.
> RXDX3 controllers for MFM disks (RD54 and friends)
> are fairly common and cheap.
> EDSI contrllers are less common but the drives are fairly cheap.
> It's the easiest thing to solve in VAXland.
> Allison

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