Getting a good job

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 08:04:54 2000

> People are given projects which stress them; if
> I ask someone what they're doing and the answer doesn't routinely include
> the phrases "...trying to figure out..." then it's time to give
> them something more challenging to do.

This would be such a miracle to find here in the Louisville area.
Instead, it's the opposite: when a superior has asked how I'm
doing and when the answer has typically included "...trying to
figure out..." then they think I've lost my focus and have gone
off on a tangent. The expectation is that you've learned all you
need to know, and now you're expected to regurgutate it upon
command. And while that was bad in programming, it's even worse
in support; my boss is an athelete, and since that's the paradigm
he's most familiar with, he expects me to be working from some
playbook: you know, 3rd down, 50 yards, use play #32.

Sure wish there was an easy way to import that California good
attitude here; maybe there's something I could drop in the local
water supply?

Ok, Echelon, I was just kidding on that last part....

-doug q
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