paper tape punch isnt punching

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 15:13:49 2000

I bought a paper tape reader/punch on ebay, a DSI NC2400.

unfortunately, 2 of the holes arent punching through the mylar tape that
came with the unit. does anyone have experience with this unit, or know
what might be causing the problem?

I know western numerical controls sells refurbished units, but I expect they
would charge quite a bit just to replace the punching mechanism. their
web page mentions something about "The precision die blocks are interchangeable
and field-replaceable in just minutes, no adjustments necessary". so,
I'm hoping that means I can buy a new set of punch parts and replace
them easily. and hopefully inexpensively.

any suggestions welcome, especially if they mean we stop discussing the
job market.

-Lawrence LeMay
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