newbie intro - free TRS stuff

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Tue Jul 4 13:26:10 2000

I'm always on the lookout for user manuals, service manuals, or what
have you for all types of hardware. Let me no the postage to send a box
of manuals to zip 55110. Thanks John
John Keys
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From: Arthur Clark <>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 11:57 AM
Subject: newbie intro - free TRS stuff

> Hello to all fellow classic computer enthusiasts!
> I just heard about this mailing list last week. I'm glad to have
> such an active discussion group. My primary interest is the
pple ][ & ///
> series. (I am a member of the venerable Washington Apple Pi.) I
would be
> happy to swap private email with like-minded folks on this mailing
list. I
> am always in search of Apple hardware for my collection, please send
> if you have such to unload. Suggestions of individuals and companies
> deal in old Apple hardware are also always welcome. I enjoy the old
> machines, but have been driven nearly mad trying to find hardware that
> people are actually willing to sell.
> ATTENTION TRS COLLECTORS: last year I inherited an enormous quantity
> software and hardware from an old TRS business network. The console,
> terminals, cards, and printer are gone. All that remains is available
> the cost of shipping, to good homes. I have five large boxes of 8
> disks, with multiple copies of Xenix, with manuals. Many other boxes
> system manuals and other sundries are also available. I also have an
> external hard drive, "Tandy Thirtyfive Meg Disk System."
> While I do not collect Tandy, I just can't bear the thought of all
> stuff going to a landfill. I know how I feel when I am occasionally
> subjected to someone's story of how a friend of theirs had a "bunch of
> Apple stuff, but finally just threw it all away last year."
> Anyone within driving distance of south-central Pennsylvania is
welcome to
> come and look at everything. It's all free. If you want it, just
> to come and pick it up.
> Regards & Happy 4th,
> Arthur Clark
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