Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

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Date: Thu Jul 6 21:48:52 2000

> > As for the PPC Version of OS/2, I've got to wonder what happened to all
> > those systems they built to run it. They had to have lost big bucks on
> > that.
> Probably less of a loss than you might think - I would not be suprised if
> the systems were stripped down to parts and turned into RS/6000s. Or on
> the other hand, the PowerPC people may have taken the design from the
> RS/6000 people from the start. Or perhaps the PowerPCs were really
> RS/6000s under the covers.
> William Donzelli

IIRC, AIX wouldn't run on them. I'm pretty sure they were CHRP boxes. Does
AIX run on CHRP boxes? For that matter I'm not sure, but they were probably
about the only CHRP boxes that were built. Though I'm not particularly up
on non-Mac PPC boxes. I do seem to remember hearing about boxes that
Motorola sold that ran the PPC version of Windows NT.

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