Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Thu Jul 6 22:12:12 2000

> IIRC, AIX wouldn't run on them. I'm pretty sure they were CHRP boxes. Does
> AIX run on CHRP boxes?

I think it will.

> For that matter I'm not sure, but they were probably
> about the only CHRP boxes that were built.

Even if the PowerPC boxes were fairly unique (that is, not like an
RS/6000), it would not be a big suprise to find that they were scrapped,
with the parts being put into the RS/6000 line. IBM is very good about
recycling their old parts into new machines - chips, power supplies,
switches, brackets, etc.. In fact, many of the RS/6000-250s I used to
deal with came with little slips of paper saying that the some of the
machines were built from older parts.

As a side note, IBM has been reusing some of their 4997 standard racks in
some newer networking gear. These racks were originally part of S/1
systems, built in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

William Donzelli
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