Question for NW Apple II users.

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 00:31:51 2000

>I was just sorting through, and attempting to organize my Apple II
>collection of systems, parts, manuals, and software, and I realized how much
>of this stuff I don't use, or really need. I like ebay but I don't have a
>lot of extra time to deal with cleaning, sorting, packaging, and shipping
>items -in fact, I'm behind on this as it is, to people that I've promised
>items. Still, I have these A2 items, that I would rather trade for other A2
>items than sell on ebay but I don't want to deal with shipping either way.

The only catch I really see with this is that there are only a handfull of
"really" cool Apple items, with a very sharp knee in the price curve
between them and everything else.

Cool stuff that everybody wants:
Transwarp accelerator
Vulcan hard drive
Focus hard drive
Fast SCSI card
SCSI card
Workstation localtalk card for IIe

Cool stuff that I want;
Transwarp accelerator
Vulcan hard drive
Focus hard drive
Eventide spectrum analyzer board
McMill or any 68000 boards, maybe even a 6809, ok anything weird. ;)

All the cheap stuff that most everybody has:
Whole A2 units
Woz IIgs
floppy drives and controllers
etc. etc.

Makes trading very difficult with maybe half a dozen items worth more than
$20, and handfull of rare items difficult to put any price on, and the rest
generally $5 or so depending on the marketplace. Add to that in finding any
of the "good" items, most people end up with boxes of the other stuff. How
and what do you end up trading? The only reason I cut loose of a couple of
my SCSI cards is that they sell for $100 and I clearly had more than I
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