Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

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Date: Thu Jul 6 23:15:31 2000

> BTW, and completely OT, but I finally have the Mac/Paris rig up
> and running with THREE 1710AV monitors, and it's a thing of
> beauty. I also am installing a separate but complementary app on
> my 8500 that will use two monitors, both 14" Trini's, for a total of 5
> plus the one on the wintel box.

I'm green with envy Paul! I've still not gotten much past getting the
Darla 24 into my 8500 and loading out Bias Peak and Raygun. I *Still* need
an archival Turntable, and to fix the current loop problem caused by the
Cable TV. Still it works pretty good for reading in Cassettes and cleaning
them up, and for spitting legal MP3's out to Minidisk (if the Cable TV is

My problem is I'm finding it hard to find time to work on any of my computer
projects at home.

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