Question for NW Apple II users.

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 04:01:31 2000

>Sellam Ismail wrote:
>> I also take whatever free //e's I get my hands on. They'll come in handy
>> for something someday (maybe when Hans finishes the C64 super-computer
>> project we can do one with Apples :)
>I had a call a day or so about someone with about 100 //e's to get rid of.
>They are looking for some money, but not much (at least that is my
>understanding.) If you are interested, let me know and I'll pursue it a bit

Where are they?

What are they, ie a pallet of smashed from stacking too high bare bones ex
school district Apple IIe's does not have a lot of value. OTOH I would be
fairly interested in going through a bunch of perhaps interestingly
configured ex industrial Apple II's. A quick look at the back of a few
tells most of the story, If you see a;

Weird little box with a couple serial ports, thats a workstation card.
DB25 on a mounting plate (not end of ribbon cable) and maybe its a SCSI card.

When I can I still open each one and fully strip it, but the list of what I
keep is getting smaller and smaller. Last batch I paid $25 to take all I
wanted from two pallets, which was a grocery sack sized box of cards and a
dozen or so floppy drives. Of course add to that the 4 hours and numerous
punctures getting the cards out etc.

Perhaps the unfortunate thing is that I can think of nothing to do with a
100 old Apple II computers other than pull interesting cards and look for
hard drives (the Vulcan is inside the powersupply). There are a couple
models I would like to have in my personal collection, a plain II and a
platinum II whatever it is, but thats about it. Otherwise they are just too
common and too indestructible (what else could you call machines that
routinely still work just fine after 20 years of elementary school use?)
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