Networking Apple IIc or IIc+

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 03:34:51 2000

Many people have told me you can't network the IIc or IIc+, but I am sure I
remember somebody telling me the IIc+ could be kludged to sort of work.
Skipping that issue (unless somebody knows more), I wonder if a
slower/dumber protocol than LocalTalk/AppleTalk might work?

The idea would be to plug a PhoneNet adapter into a IIc/IIc+ serial port,
and write a simple data transfer program of some sort regardless of how
slow it might be. For example what would happen if you plug in the
PhoneNets and just ran a normal terminal program of some sort to a host
computer (mac etc.)?

Now add a second IIc/IIc+ to the "network" and run a normal terminal
program on it. Seems to me all you need to add is some kind of protocol for
a packet with an address field and it should work. Ideas, opinions?
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