Great Finds (7980)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 20:09:14 2000

You wrote...
> The 7980 and 88780 are basically the same drive, and the manual covers
> both. The 88780 is the OEM version, and is available with SCSI
> or differential) or Pertec interfaces, while the 7980 has an HP-IB

7980 normally an HP-IB animal? Hum.... I've sold hundreds of 7980 tape
drives direct from HP. Eric is right, they're made by HP, and pricebook has
them at $19,600.00. 99% of them were SCSI, and that was the factory default
config. There are additional options to change interfaces, the presence of
800bpi, etc. But without options, the default standard 7980 is always SCSI.

Jay West
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