Great Finds (7980)

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 21:31:52 2000

> 7980 normally an HP-IB animal? Hum.... I've sold hundreds of 7980 tape
> drives direct from HP. Eric is right, they're made by HP, and pricebook has
> them at $19,600.00. 99% of them were SCSI, and that was the factory default
> config. There are additional options to change interfaces, the presence of
> 800bpi, etc. But without options, the default standard 7980 is always SCSI.

Interesting...I'd go along with Eric...the only SCSI ones I've ever seen
are the 88780's at a surplus place. I've heard of HP 3000 users trying
to find/buy the HPIB to SCSI conversion kit (because HP-IB is not supported
on MPE/iX as of release 6.5), and was told that HP had made all the kits
they'd ever make, and that they were just about out of them. I wouldn't
be surprised to find out that sales of 7980 tape drives in the last couple
of years were predominantly SCSI, however.

Stan Sieler
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