Question for NW Apple II users.

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 21:33:04 2000

I wish you guys would list want you are looking for more often as I had
to just trash over 50 Apple II, IIe, and related items like ext. floppy
drive, printers, and monitors. Some times I come across a shit load of
stuff that I can not use or save for the trash. If I see your want/wish
list I can email you when something comes up. I see the IIc+ around
here and in St. Louis, MO all the time but I already have three working
units. They sell for around $2 to $10 without a monitor.
John Keys
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Subject: Re: Question for NW Apple II users.

> On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Mike Ford wrote:
> > Cool stuff that everybody wants:
> > Transwarp accelerator
> > Vulcan hard drive
> > Focus hard drive
> > Fast SCSI card
> > SCSI card
> > Workstation localtalk card for IIe
> Add to that:
> Apple file://c LCD portable display
> > Makes trading very difficult with maybe half a dozen items worth
more than
> > $20, and handfull of rare items difficult to put any price on, and
the rest
> > generally $5 or so depending on the marketplace. Add to that in
finding any
> > of the "good" items, most people end up with boxes of the other
stuff. How
> > and what do you end up trading? The only reason I cut loose of a
couple of
> > my SCSI cards is that they sell for $100 and I clearly had more than
> > needed.
> I collect whatever file://c's I can find for cheap because I'm
standardizing on
> them as my VCF utility terminal of choice (for taking attendee
> registration information, keeping books at the consignment table,
> They're nice and self-contained, only needing a display (//c+'s would
> much nicer but they're harder to come across). I have around 10
file://c's and
> 2 file://c+'s.
> I also take whatever free file://e's I get my hands on. They'll come
in handy
> for something someday (maybe when Hans finishes the C64 super-computer
> project we can do one with Apples :)
> Sellam International Man of Intrigue
and Danger
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