ROLM PhoneMail System Info?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Jul 9 16:59:44 2000

I wrote:
> AFAIK, *ALL* phone switches are weird proprietary things. Some of the
> latest small ones happen to be based on PCs, but their still weird
> proprietary things.

Sellam Ismail <> replies:
> Actually, the PC-based ones generally use standard off-the-shelf
> pc-telephony hardware from either Dialogic or Natural Microsystems. There
> are other manfacturers such as Pika and Brooktrout (formerly Rhetorex).
> Their drivers and APIs are usually available for free download from their
> FTP sites (if you know where to look) and the boards are relatively easy
> to program (if you know what you're doing).

I've seen PC-based voicemail and other voice response systems that work
as you've described. But all of the PC-based PBXes (switches) that I've
seen contain huge amounts of proprietary crap.
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