ROLM PhoneMail System Info?

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jul 9 22:46:56 2000

On 9 Jul 2000, Eric Smith wrote:

> I've seen PC-based voicemail and other voice response systems that work
> as you've described. But all of the PC-based PBXes (switches) that I've
> seen contain huge amounts of proprietary crap.

That's not absolutely true either. I haven't seen many, but of the ones I
have seen (Altigen in particular) they use NMS stuff as well.

NMS, Dialogic, Rhetorex and Pika all make pc-based switch boards.
Anything from 4 to 24 ports, as well as dual T1/E1 and even quad-T1/E1.
I've worked on a pc-based switch for an automated collect call system
using analog trunk and station boards as well as dual-E1 (yes, E1) cards.
It's pretty sweet what you can do with that stuff.

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