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From: Carlos Murillo <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Mon Jul 10 17:19:56 2000

"Tony Duell " wrote:
> > A word of caution: the 16K RAM module intended for the HP85A can
> > damage the HP85B. This is clearly stated in one of the manuals.
> Interesting... Do you happen to know what damage it actually does? I
> assume a bus contention between the controller in the RAM drawer and one
> of the memory controllers in the 85B.
> -tony

No, I don't know what it is that happens. By the way, this weekend
my I/O ROM started to go flaky; on power up, it reports an error 112,
which is a checksum failure. I remember that this happened before and
reseating fixed it, but I haven't had luck this time. I tried other
slots in the ROM drawer too. Guess I need to pry open the ROM capsule
and have a look. This is weird, because both the pin and the through-hole
that make the contacts are gold-plated; they were made to last. I am
afraid that this is a case of bit rot :-( .


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