Jim Battle's SolACE: The next steps

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Thu Jul 13 06:53:02 2000

> I am glad that Jim has released his Sol emulator (if you didn't see his
> message look at http://www.thebattles.net/sol20/solace.html) He has done
> fantastic job - Sol owners and Sol-wanna-be owners owe him a tremendous
> of gratitude for making the Sol live again. His web site already has a
> good collection of both usable software and documentation (much of
> generously shared by many list members).

I was quite blown away by what I found. Sounds like what you've mentioned
below, when added to it, will improve it another step, and I suppose I'll
have to match your hand and fill in the remaining gaps with my moldy old

> I propose to make it even better. I have begun OCR'ing and pdf'ing the
> paper documentation I have. And I have just compiled a tape to send Jim
> (including such goodies as Microsoft BASIC for the Sol, MSA BASIC, 8080
> Checkers, Computer Mart of NJ Dynamic Debugging System, Electric Pencil,
Ooo, I remember wanting to get that, I guess it'll be easier now!

> With Jim's approval I am willing to act as a clearinghouse for any and all
> donations of programs and documentation to be made available on Jim's
> website. I would prefer originals (with the understanding that I will
> carefully copy and return them) or good, clean copies of any ProcTech Sol
> programs and documentation which are not already available on his site. I
> will catalog, research, annotate, OCR, PDF, convert, etc. whatever I can
> transfer same to Jim for inclusion on his site. I will try to track down
> copyright holders and even make this stuff legit (if necessary).

Either this weekend, or one two weeks hence, I'll see if I can find my tapes
and dust off the SOL and get copies made of each and get them to you. Bob,
did you add the zero-crossing fix to your casette interface?

Do you have the SOL manual scanned and converted to PDF? I'll be making
five photocopies of the one I'll be selling on E-Bay in a few days, and
I can scan any pages I might have that you might not have, and forward
them to you.

Wow, I wish there was this much interest in Primes!

-doug q
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