Jim Battle's SolACE: The next steps

From: Jim Battle <frustum_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Thu Jul 13 11:06:48 2000

At 07:53 AM 7/13/00 -0400, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
>Do you have the SOL manual scanned and converted to PDF? I'll be making
>five photocopies of the one I'll be selling on E-Bay in a few days, and
>I can scan any pages I might have that you might not have, and forward
>them to you.

If you go to


you'll find chapters 7, 8, and 9 are already OCR'd and PDF'd.
Most of the other chapters are less immediately useful (construction).
The main thing missing are the scans of the schematics. I have
all the missing sections as originals, but the thing that has kept me
from scanning the schematics is that they are large format: 11" tall
by 25.5" wide. I know large format scanners exist (and I may have
a line on one that I could use), and I didn't want to try and stitch
together two or three 8.5"x11" scans. Actually, it isn't quite that bad
as most of those pages only have information on 2/3 of the width of
the page. Still, it is effectively 11"x17", bigger than my scanner.

I'll happily accept any scans of the schematics or PDF's of the missing
chapters. I'm a bit reluctant to put on 10's of MB of bitmaps of the
other chapters as I don't want to overtax the free website that I'm using.
OCR'd versions are typically 1/10th the size (or less) for straight text.

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