Jim Battle's SolACE: The next steps

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Thu Jul 13 12:19:16 2000

> If you go to
> http://www.thebattles.net/sol20/soldocu.html
> you'll find chapters 7, 8, and 9 are already OCR'd and PDF'd.

Well, I missed that when I first checked out your site. How cool,
you've got the Access newsletter I used to have (don't know what
happened to them), the BASIC/5 manual (ditto).

What I see you don't have is the Trek-80 manual; you have a space
for the Popular Electronics article; do you need me to scan that
for you (I do have it)?

I also have the smaller document package that came with what
I initially bought, the Sol-PCB, for <drumroll please> $40.
However, its location on the basement floor was a bad place
to be during a flood, and the individual pages are glued
together by mold or lordknows. Some carefull soaking may
allow me to separate them.

I'll try to inventory everything tonight, and compare it
to what you've listed.

Great work, Jim!

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