Running GS/OS On an Apple IIgs

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Jul 13 14:09:20 2000

I used an SE30 with expanded memory. 720k double density disks are exactly
the right kind. I would expect any mac that can still read and write 800k
mac disks to be able to do the job, so the Mac II probably would work.

You can also get gsos either preloaded on a hard disk (from
or on floppies from

You'll want a hard disk for gsos. You *can* boot from floppy, but it's not
very useful. The hard disks sells are called focus hard cards,
and they're quite nice. And at 69 bucks US it's hard to beat.

You'll also need at least 2 megs of RAM to run GSOS. If you seriously want
to get into this stuff, I have a GS with a 4 meg memory board and lots of other
useful stuff (no OS though, unfortunately) I'm looking to get rid of, and will
sell for very little money. E-mail me privately and we can work something out.

> How elderly is "elderly"? I tried a Mac SE, but it didn't have enough
> memory. Would a Mac II work? I've been using a PowerMac. Is it OK to use
> 720K disks? Disk storage and capacity makes NO since to me.
> Thanks,
> Owen

Jim Strickland
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