Running GS/OS On an Apple IIgs

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Thu Jul 13 02:44:23 2000

How elderly is "elderly"? I tried a Mac SE, but it didn't have enough
memory. Would a Mac II work? I've been using a PowerMac. Is it OK to use
720K disks? Disk storage and capacity makes NO since to me.


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From: Jim Strickland <>
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Date: Thursday, July 13, 2000 2:28 AM
Subject: Re: Running GS/OS On an Apple IIgs

>When I did this I had to expand the files on an elderly macintosh to get
>usable disks. They each write out a disk image.
>> I have been trying very hard to get GS/OS running on my Apple IIgs ROM 1.
>> downloaded the disk images from Apple, and the disk seems to duplicate OK
>> a 3.5" 720K DOS Disk, but I get an UNABLE TO LOAD PRODOS message on the
>> Apple IIgs. Does anyone have any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Owen
>Jim Strickland
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