Xerox DayBreak

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 04:24:52 2000

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:

    Tony> It's normally not too hard to modify the vertical scan rate
    Tony> of a monitor (at least compared with doing a similar mod to
    Tony> the horizontal side, which can be _very_ complex). Having a
    Tony> schematic of the monitor helps a lot, though.

    Tony> What monitor have you been using on your D'break?

        I've been using a PAL mono monitor that I used with ZX
spectrum like machines. And modifying the scan rate was exactly what I
tried to do. I had a schematic of the monitor, all transistor, and
with careful twiddling of some resistors and capacitors I was able to
change both sync rates (HSYNC is more dangerous since it is coupled
with the fly-back converter that generates all those high voltages
needed to make electrons move).


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