Another tech legend for discussion!

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 08:05:08 2000

I've seen a document that described SmallTalk and thought it still looks
better than anything I've seen up to now; I think you're right about the
Star though, from what I remember of the Horn/Raskin discussion. I knew
Bruce Horn he was one of the SmallTalk developers though, dunno why I didn't
mention it.


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> I have it on good authority that Smalltalk-80 was not ported
> to the Star.
> It was running on the Alto and the Dolphin at the time, as
> well as another
> Xerox workstation whose name I can't recall. Larry Teslar was
> working at
> PARC at the time, and ended up following Jobs back to Apple, because
> Xerox couldn't get their asses in gear and Apple looked like it knew
> what it was doing (w/r/t getting new technology out the door).
> For those interested in what Smalltalk-80 feels like to play with, you
> should try Squeak, a successor developed by some of Smalltalk-80's
> authors, Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls, at Disney. Squeak is everything
> ST80 was and more.
> You can find info about Squeak at:
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