Another tech legend for discussion!

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 07:44:51 2000

> From what I've been reading in the last couple of months it was neither -
> both Steve Jobs and Gates toured Xerox PARC in the late 70s; Lisa at this
> point was already in development but needed a front end so the Lisa team
> took some of the ideas from Smalltalk running on the Xerox STAR and
> on them to develop the QuickDraw primitives found in Lisa. Gates
> got more ideas from when Microsoft were at Apple while Apple were helping
> them develop software for the Mac that was being worked on at the same

I have it on good authority that Smalltalk-80 was not ported to the Star.
It was running on the Alto and the Dolphin at the time, as well as another
Xerox workstation whose name I can't recall. Larry Teslar was working at
PARC at the time, and ended up following Jobs back to Apple, because
Xerox couldn't get their asses in gear and Apple looked like it knew
what it was doing (w/r/t getting new technology out the door).

For those interested in what Smalltalk-80 feels like to play with, you
should try Squeak, a successor developed by some of Smalltalk-80's
authors, Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls, at Disney. Squeak is everything
ST80 was and more.

You can find info about Squeak at:

> 2 of the main developers of the Mac platform were Bruce Horn
> and Jef Raskin, their side of things can be found here:

Bruce Horn also "did time" at PARC, working on Smalltalk-80.

-doug q

> Follow the link at the bottom of the screen. Makes for
> interesting reading
> IMO!
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> > I have another tech legend to be dicussed:
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> > It is generally believed that the Apple Lisa is what spurred
> > Bill Gates to
> > create Windows. But recently I have read something that says
> > it was *not*
> > the Lisa that inspired Bill Gates, but that it was
> VisiCorp's VisiOn
> > software (remember that, yeah, me neither!). So my question
> > is: Which one
> > was it? Was it Lisa or VisiOn?
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