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From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 14 09:19:08 2000

Hi folks,

I forgot to mention, in the crash I had last week that damaged the Apple ///
etc I also had an HP Apollo 9000/600 workstation with 19" monitor. Whilst
I'm assuming the front passenger airbag caught the monitor since it was
unrestrained on the front seat (but the seat was pushed right up to the
dash) it is now however refusing to display blue. If I remove the B plug on
the RGB cable the display doesn't alter......since if I remove the green the
sync goes and they're from a similar era could I substitute a spare DEC
VRT21 I've got lying around here in the office? That monitor is a 60hz
1280x1024 RGB sync-on-green Trinitron.
Of course, I'd like to repair the HP's monitor, but my knowledge of
repairing monitors begins at the glass fuse and ends on the high voltage bit

Oh, and anyone know why the PSU fuse in the Apple ][c is soldered in rather
than being in a carrier? I blew my ][c when I forgot it was a US
one.....doh.....I can solder in a replacement fuse but I just thought I'd
ask if there was a reason why it was soldered....if I can get a carrier to
fit I'd rather do that!


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